RYDE Partnership

May 9, 2022

photoINTERNATIONAL is entering an international partnership with R/Y/D/E providing the Number 1 post licensing service in the worl.

Four simple steps to get started

1. Register and upload your images

After registering an account you can head straight to the upload section in your Client Portal where you can securely upload your images. Our system instantly starts searching for your images online

2. Review and approve curated cases

Once we have sifted through your findings, we will present the potential cases with the highest probability of success for approval in your Client Portal. Then, you choose which cases you want us to pursue

3. Initiate Post-Licensing process

After you approve a case, we immediately start the Post-Licensing process. The image user will receive our communications with a request for a proof of license and we will settle any unauthorized usage online

4. Get Paid every quarter

Every quarter, you will receive your earnings from the cases won by RYDE along with a transparent royalty statement. During the course of the quarter, you can always look to your client portal, or get in touch for a case status update

10 Minutes to change the way you protect your work in the digital age:

Sign up here now. It's free and super important to make sure your work is safe and secure.



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