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Adriana Palermo

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After more than 20 years living away from Catania, my hometown, I return to appreciate the importance of traditions that are handed over from generation to generation and are an intrinsic part of the local culture. The festival in honour of the patron saint, Santa Agata, it is one of the few moments, when all citizens without distinction share the same sense of belonging. The commemoration begins on February 3rd with the presentation and parade of the “candelore” and the performance of the 'Ntuppatedde'. On February 4th at 6 a.m., the celebration of the Dawn Mass takes place at the cathedral, at the end of which the ferculum with Saint’s relics leaves the church. This is the first moment when the citizens welcome their beloved Patron Saint into their arms. From here onwards, the procession through the streets of the city begins, which lasts until late into the night. In the afternoon of February 5th, the procession continues along a different path in the city until it returns to the cathedral. It is during this last day that large candles are carried on the shoulders by many 'devotees' as a sign of thanksgiving for graces received.