photoSCHWEIZ 2022
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As part of the second issue of her magazine HYBRID, Ananda Jade subverts narratives of power and privilege in white society by capturing the perspective of three individuals and their experiences as Black beings. With the practice outlined by Frantz Fanon that “only through the acknowledgement of others, we become our true individual selves” she visualises the mental battles that are triggered when no affirmation of Black beings and their existences occur. Using carefully staged compositions, her work urges the acknowledgment of Black beings and creates a new language between the images. Through self-positioning and self-anchoring her subjects, her practice reclaims back one’s power that is being constantly diminished by systematic racism and Othering. The series shown attempts to break the cycle of adaption towards western standards – in which their judgement towards Black beings forces them to wear white masks. Credits: Director, Photography, Video Edits, Text, and Concept: Ananda Jade Camera Videos: Bart Leguijt Co-Editor: Sabrina Syed Colorgrading Videos: Jana Beyerlein Audio on set: Ananda Jade Sound design and Scope: Carlos do Complexo Protagonists: Cédric M’baki, Giuliano Schmidt, Luciene Schmidt Big Thank you to SALTS