photoSCHWEIZ 2022
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Céline Müller

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In October 2021 I checked myself into a psychiatric clinic. Hallways long, litten up by the artificially light, the air thick, people murmering things no one really seemes to understand. Here, existing is enough. The few days I spent there, the sun created a beautiful mix of soft light and dark shadows. Joinging toghether like watercolor on paper, showing that there can be no light withouth shadow. A place filled with peple so rich of stories, a place full of emotions, yet feeling so empty. I wanted to caputure things that most people on the outside don't get to see, show that places like this one, aren't scary and dark but rather are filled with life. Life only a few can really understand. Someone once said to me: The people closest to life, are the ones truly living and sometimes that's a curse and a blessing. Because feeling deeply also means hurting deeply.