photoSCHWEIZ 2022
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Isabelle Scotton

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Porte di Siena Doors are mystical as they literally create boundaries and in the same way, they "open the door" to someone's home or the world. What is behind doors? What is in front of them and why? Whom does the door belong to? Is he/she at home? I guess we only know, when we have the guts and knock at the door itself... These photographs are the start of a project I've been dreaming off since I first visited Siena in 2014. It's the start of a collection of various doors of the apparently most beautiful town on earth (I can confirm that). Walking through this ancient town, with its beautiful Piazza del Campo, the impressive "palazzi", medieval traditions like the Palio and all the colourful flags of the "Contrade" makes you feel like you travelled back in time to some previous lifetime... The sounds, the scents and the feeling on the skin just are out of this world. Every time I visited in the previous years I've been stunned by these massive and beautiful doors over and over again. Even though it's been the same doors and buildings for over a millennia, there is always something else around them, there is always a new question mark and every time I wish to know the answer. Isabelle Scotton, October 2021