photoSCHWEIZ 2022
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Renato Di Maggio Rodrigues

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''Ricordo Palermo'' This series was taken in the summer of '20, I was still a student in Rome. In the midst of the pandemic, I decided to go to Palermo, as soon as it became possible to travel again, when the government decided to ease the restrictions due to the covid. I flew to Sicily years after my last visit to this island. I came with the curiosity to see what became of Palermo, I wanted to go back to see how this city had approached me. I still had strong childhood memories and feelings of how it used to be. I returned as a young adult with a lot of curiosity and above all with a different eye. The purpose of this work was first and foremost to capture everything about the city, to capture everything about the way it looked to me, to capture it one-to-one in every photograph I took. To create an image of the authenticity, capturing the atmosphere and the light that this city reflects.