photoMÜNCHEN 2020
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David Höpfner

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I raro i nga whetu - under the stars of new zealand Inspired by the Romantic Movement in the mid 1800s David Höpfner searched for the majesty and beauty of nature in New Zealand. Romanticism had the goal of making the mind one with the infinite in the midst of the finite. This state of mind thus gave priority to feeling over ratio. Contrary to the daytime, at night it is quiet and deserted, revealing the true beauty of the landscape. “I raro i nga whetu“ is not only an ode to romanticism, but also searches for it with modern means in a fast moving time. Through single light sources David Höpfner brings life into otherwise deserted scenes. In this way it can be felt how man and nature are connected. Above all this, the stars shine in the incredible sky over New Zealand. Far from any light pollution, the viewer is transported to a quiet moment in the middle of the night.