photoSCHWEIZ 2023
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Anna Andrzejewska

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The Family is a creative document. The Family is a very personal, intimate work. The documentary nature of the cycle is determined by the fact that each of these people is a real member of my family. At the moment my mother and grandmother are dead. The memory of them remains in these photos. The Family is a series of 21 paintings commemorating my loved ones. On exhibition in real the paintings are systematized into equal-sized, large-format portraits. They were printed on cotton material, grosgrain with plain weave. I took those pictures by Practica TL, but my autoportreit was taken by digital camera. I printed my autoportait on delikate, soft fabric and put on faceses each person. In this way my the new Family was born. During the exhibition, I compare them with archival photos from my childhood.