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Sandro Manni

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Namibia gained its independence from South Africa in 1990 following years of bloodshed in the apartheid era. 30 years of independence: What has changed? Not much. Land misdistribution originating from deceitful contracts with Germany back in 1883, is a major factor that Namibia is still one of the world’s unequal country. Dispossession of the indigenous black population continued with South African settler. The number of different tribes in Namibia before colonialization is not known. However, natives occupied the territory for thousands of years prior to colonization by Germany and South Africa. I arrived in Namibia in June 2022 and have been trying to document various tribes living together in this melting pod of cultures influenced by the country’s colonialization history. The physical and psychological wounds inflicted upon them in the past still affect everyday life in the present.