photoSCHWEIZ 2023
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Hussein Alusch

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Hussein Alusch is interested in the non boundary medium. “The Rhapsody for my Unidentified Path explores its ambiguous nature of human source that are relevant to different cultures of nations, as he seeks his own path by seeking others and the questioning the interplay and interference between reality of the viewers. His intrinsic tendency create a touch of (happiness, loneliness ,conflict in life ) and appropriate its language in order to represent an imaginary exploration of inexistent characters,his practice of work, resonates around themes of the human condition and the unknown identities Alusch’s work asks viewers to consider the indistinct boundary between truth and illusion, work is visually strong and strongly performative in between the image itself and the observer which creates an obscure and unfamiliar place where the loss of horizon heightens a sense for those of isolation and loneliness. Alusch attributes the rich and vibrant color palette of his images to the everyday sights of his upbringing. His work is often characterized by its fusion of vivid tones with bold compositional arrangements, revealing contemporary art as useful adornment.