photoSCHWEIZ 2023
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I once saw a survey on the internet asking women, what they’d do if for a day all the men on the planet disappeared? The most common answer was sadly “ Go for a walk at night” Such a simple wish. Yet for most born in a female body around the world, it remains unattainable. 

 Growing up in India, I thought it can never be any other way. Violent news stories and one’s own experiences gets woven into a fence that restricts women’s movement and activities after dark. 

In Switzerland, for the first time I experienced what it was like to not rush to get to safety, but savour this quiet peaceful time in solitude. To truly be free in mind, body and spirit to commune with the night. 

 This project is my explorations of this magical time with other free women. An homage to Switzerland and a wish that my sisters everywhere in the world know what it’s like to go for a walk under the night sky