photoSCHWEIZ 2023
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Patrick Rychner

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'Endangered Species' Immersive light projection photography As a society, we’ve got lots of problems. One of them, is the extinction of animals. Endangered species is a light projection photography project to create awareness of the over 16,000 endangered species as of 2022. At the core of the idea is that if you want to protect any species, you must emphasise and understand what it is like to be that animal. The light projection photography allows actors to 'slip into the skin' of an animal and encourages them to look at the world from the animal’s point of view, and try to understand their plights, needs and future outlooks and thus effect action. The creative use of light projection creates a unique aesthetic with a single front on light source, coupled with just one additional high-light to emphasise the talent's emotional connection with the respective animal. This body of work was also exhibited in 2022 at a group exhibition at the Wolfhound Gallery in Melbourne, and at the CCP Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia.