photoSCHWEIZ 2023
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Sarah Cissé

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Putting myself on the Map is Sarah Cissé’s attempt to hijack the algorithm-driven platforms for exposure. The project started with the realization that her curated photography was not reaching an audience on Instagram. Yet, mediocre pictures posted on GoogleMaps would attract over a million of viewers. The discrepancy of intentionality and visibility of these two virtual spaces presented her with a simple, yet original solution: co-opting platforms. Instead of tailoring photography for instagram’s algorithms, she started spreading the very same pieces of work through her GoogleMaps profile, literally and mostly figuratively putting herself on the map to ensure the circulation of her art. By showcasing her work on platforms where they are not supposed to be, Sarah intends to disturb Douglas’ definition of purity as the state of all things being where they are supposed to be.