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Seerat Singh

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My work titled ‘Invisible Hands’ focuses on working hands that touch a part of our lives, but are often invisible to us. These are the hands that create, build and mend. They are often unseen, yet courageous. They roll the dice for their very existence each day as they earn their livelihood. Hands that measure out each inch deftly to bring life and colour into fabric. Hands that wipe away sweat and mud from their faces as they haul bricks and mortar that make our homes. Hands that mend, so we can walk some more in our old shoes. Hands that skilfully mould precious metal into priceless tradition and celebration. Hands that have the courage to put their dignity in their palms as they beg for alms to feed themselves. Hands that soothe their children to sleep knowing that they have to wake up the next day and roll the dice once again, still invisible to us.