photoSCHWEIZ 2021
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Aurélia Marine

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(In writing process.) Topic: The Divine Feminine. Ecofeminism. Mother Gaia. Back to senses & sensuality. The new world. Embracing the devine feminine is an indispensable contribution to the healing and transformation of the world. "In nature, the feminine creative energy runs wild - its physical beauty is visible". This work explores the many facets of the divine feminine, the female body, her role in the world in its macro and micro cosmos. It shall humbly portray its power as a way of redeeming both the spirituality of nature and women's instrumental role in that spirituality. Female objectification. "Are your senses so gross as to look on these breasts - the respectable treasures of nature - as merely an embellishment, destined to ornament the chest of women?" (The true mother). more to come.