photoSCHWEIZ 2021
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BEYOND GENDER Photo: Chris Reist Photo assistant: Sarah Reuland Model: Yannik Zamboni Collection & Styling: Gerold Brenner Location: STF Schweizerische Textilfachschule The fundamental gender roles of man and woman do not exist any more. We live in a time of freedom of choice, unambiguousness does not take place. There are no dress rules any more. Anything goes. Total liberation from constraints and norms is reality. Everyone can and should be able to wear everything and be what she/he wants. The assignment is self-determined and not any more subject to traditional structures and doctrines. This series is a retrospective with additions: It’s focused on the handmade Spring / Summer 2021 collection from 'BRENNER my denim soul' by Gerold Brenner. The classic image of men will be deconstructed by the design of the designer; like the classic image of women has been deconstructed by emancipation for decades. Male emancipation never took place though. Off to new opportunities and gender variations. Upcycling and sustainability are important elements of the clothing that shows Gerold Brenner’s distinctive signature. Here, too, we need a new awareness. Time to break new ground. Get a new flow - Get the gender flow.