photoSCHWEIZ 2021
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Sebastian Lendenmann

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The Vertical 8 Negates Horizontal Infinite The research for this work focussed on the subjects of transparency and opacity and their physical effects on surface and depth. The sculpture and videos form an interaction between the second and third dimension. The videos are modified photographs, which have been depth-mapped. Thereby generating a virtual three dimensional effect over time. By mapping the projections of these loops onto the uneven surface, the natural two dimensionality of photo/video based media is retransferred into the surrounding environment. Video-sculpture Installation 2 beamers, 4 profile spotlights, 8 plexiglass pieces, rear projection foil, wood pedestal, black plastic tarp, hex clamps 2 HD-Videos, each 30 sec, loops sculpture: 2.43m x 2.15m x 0.5m 2021