photoSCHWEIZ 2021
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Michael Buholzer

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Hey Glacier, you will be missed. For thousands of years, the Great Aletsch Glacier with a length of 23 kilometers and an area of 86 square kilometers was there as a matter of course and significantly shaped the landscape. However, global warming is visibly affecting the largest glacier in the Alps. Since the year 2000, the tongue of the Aletsch Glacier has retreated by about one kilometer. 10 percent of the ice volume of Swiss glaciers has been lost in the last five years. ETH researchers have calculated what will be left of the Aletsch Glacier by the end of the century. In the worst case, there will only be a few small ice fields. Hey Glacier, you will be missed. This photograph is part of a series of large format black and white photographs that explores the structures of this glacier landscape in the different dimensions and is at the same time a declaration of love for this unique natural landscape that will most likely be gone forever for all the coming generations. Hey Glacier, you will be missed.