photoSCHWEIZ 2021
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YOU DON‘T LOOK DEAF No human being can look deaf. Being deaf means being human! Here we go with five beautiful deaf women from Switzerland and their motto (from left to right): Aline W. is a student at the grammar school: «Living with hearing aids does not directly mean being able to function like hearing people». Corinne P. published her first book «Meine Augen hören» and also works in Finance & Controlling: «I see more than you». Melanie A. fighting for the environment and she loves to draw: «Why do I always have to prove». Kyra L. works as a draftswoman specializing in architecture and is also currently studying interior design: «I am like you, I just hear a little different». Laura L. is a powerful mom and will finish her education next summer as commercial education: «So what?».